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Department of Social and Applied Psychology

Department of Social and Applied Psychology was established on June 2, 2001 by the rector I.M.Kucheruk’s order. The first head of department was Aleksandr Leonidovych Muzyka. Since August 2013 the Department directed by the Doctor of Psychology, Professor Larisa Zhuravleva. The department was headed by Doctor of Psychology Ivan Heorhiyovych Batrachenko in 2015. Since November 2015 the head of the department is candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor Nataliya Fedorivna Portnyts?ka.

The department graduates students of specialties "Psychology" and "Practical Psychology" qualification levels "bachelor", "specialist", "master". Since 2014 the Graduate School has been functioned at the department (the Head of the Graduate School is Doctor of Psychology, Professor Larisa Zhuravleva).

History of the Department

At the root of the department were veterans of the candidate of psychological sciences, professor emeritus of the University P.S.Hornostay, candidate of psychological sciences, associate L.I.Kobzar, senior lecturer H.P.Hnida.

Young teachers had the opportunity to work alongside leading scientists: a full member of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Psychology, Professor Valentyn Oleksiyovych Molyako (2001-2013), Doctor of Psychology, Professor Olenoyu Ipolytivnoyu Kul?chyts?kf (2004), Corresponding Member of NAPS Ukraine, Doctor of Psychology, Professor Tatiana Mykhaylivna Titarenko (2002-2004, 2013-2014), Doctor of Psychology Pavlo Petrovych Hornostay (since 2001), Doctor of Psychology Nihoroyu Victorivna Hazratova (2003-2015), Doctor of MedicineVasyl’ Zynoviyovych Svyrydyuk (2009-2014), Professor Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych Zabrots?kyi (since 2001-2015), Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor Aleksandr Leonidovych Muzyka (2001-2013), Doctor of Psychology, Professor Vadym Oleksandrovych Vasyutyns?kyi (2013-2014). For a long time shared his academic and creative talent Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor Volodumur Fedorovuch Shynkaruk.

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The Department Today

Doctors of Psychological Sciences,Professors Larysa Petrivna Zhuravlova, Pavlo Petrovych Hornostay, Viktoriya Valeriyivna Horbunova, Vitaliy Oleksandrovych Klymchuk, Vira Andriyivna Chernobrovkinaprovide training to psychologists today.

The department has 17 Candidates of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professors:Nataliya Fedorivna Portnytska, Inna Stanislavivna Zahurska, Iryna Mykolayivna Tychyna, Nataliya Oleksandrivna Nykonchuk, Olga Mykhaylivna Savychenko, Kseniya Petrivna Havrylovska, Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna Kotlova, Viktor Vasylovych Kyrychenko, Taras Yuriyovych Kulakovskyy, Tetyana Volodymyrivna Kolomiyets, Kateryna Anatoliyivna Marchuk, Alla Vasylivna Shayuk, Nataliya Ivanivna Chabanyuk, Oleh Vasylovych Mazyar, Hanna Volodymyrivna Pyroh, Oleksandr Serhiyovych Avramchuk, Serhiy Yevhenovych Vyhovskyy.

Teaching courses at high scientific and methodological level helps ensure senior teachers: Tetyana Mykolayivna Maystrenko, Lyudmyla Mykolayivna Falkovska, Hennadiy Aksentiyovych Shmyhlyuk. Practical classes assisted by assistants Alla Leonidivna Veselska, Olga Hryhorivna Kulakovska, Inna Vasylivna Kyrylchuk, Yuliya Yuriyivna Demyanchuk, Oksana Hennadiyivna Shmyhlyuk, Iryna Anatoliyivna Hrechuha, Tetyana Viktorivna Mozharovska, Tetyana Volodymyrivna Kolomiyets, Inna Andriyivna Stepaniuk, Alla Ivanivna Lytvynchuk, Tetyana Mykolayivna Shapran, Nataliya Vasylivna Khomenko, Nataliya Mykolayivna Shykyrava, Olha Anatoliyivna Skakovska, Olha Serhiyivna Sharan, Volodymyr Vasylovych Feshchuk, Oksana Valentynivna Horay.

Faculty constantly enhancing their academic and practical training.

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Teaching and methodicalactivities

For fifteen years, the Department of Social and Applied Psychology able to do a lot. Developed training and methodological support of more than 70 subjects for specialties "Psychology" and "Practical Psychology".

One of the achievements of the department was the development of an algorithm of professionally oriented tasks (O.L.Muzyka, V.V.Gorbunova). Lecturers introduced a system of work on professionally oriented tasks in psychology, which enables educational tasks to approach to the real life of professional psychologists.

The grief of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine received textbooks "Course Work" by O.L.Muzyka, "Psychology of Personality" by M.M. Zabrotskyy, O.M. Savychenko, I.N. Tychyna, "Experimental Psychology in the Charts and Tables" by V.V. Gorbunova, "Self-development and Creative Abilities" by I.S.Zagurska, O.L.Muzyka; "Mathematical Methods in Psychology" by V.V.Klumchyk, "Development of Creative Abilities of Mimetic Activity" by N.F.Portnytskа, O.L.Muzykа; "Psychology of Work" by V.V. Kirichenko, A.V.Mazyar, collective manual "Professionally-oriented Objectives of Psychology" (edited by A.L.Myzuka).

The monographs "The psychology of the Person and the State Relationship" by N.V.Hazratova, "Psychology of Empathy" by L.P. Zhurvlova, "The Identity and Role: a Role Approach in Social Psychology of Personality" by P.P. Hornostay, "The Internal Motivation of Educational Activity of Youth: Theory, methodology and program of development" have been published V.V. Klimchyka and V.V.Gorbunova; "Psychology of Team Building: a Value-Role Approach to the Formation and Development of teams" by V.V.Gorbunova, “Motivational Identity Discourse: Towards a Social Psychology of Motivation” by V.O. Klymchuk.

The possibility of checking the theoretical knowledge by using computer based test program had been realized. There are more than 3000 tests on psychology subjects open to personal access through the using a web-technology and Internet (Portal ZDU PROJECT).

Since 2008, the results of the best student’s research publish at annual collection of scientific works of students. Graduate students defense their thesis in English. From 2013 a specialty "Practical Psychology", the master’s level, has been offered by the department.

In 2014, Associate Professor O.M. Savychenko offered a career guidance project "Workshop on Success" for school graduates. All teachers of the department actively participate in the development and implementation of workshops aimed at providing psychological support to high school students on issues of personal growth, professional choices, mastering primary psychological self-help skills. The continuation of this work was the preparation of the series of information booklets on social purpose by lectures: "How to win the information war," "How to overcome stress," "How to achieve a success," "How to overcome fear of public speaking", "Testing: what to believe, what to expect and what to hope". Launched an interactive student-faculty project "Ask the psychologists," where the best psychologists of faculty answer on-line to questions of today's youth.

Research activities

Particular attention is dedicated to scientific work of teachers and students.

Tradition of research activities were initiated by an honorary professor P.S.Gornostay and realized in the success of the single graduate school (2001-2010), since completion of which V.O.Klymchuk, I.S. Zahurska, N.F. Portnytska N.O. Nykonchuk, I.M. Tychyna, O.M. Savychenko had defended their dissertations successfully.

Since 2014 on a permanent basis the Graduate School of Psychology has been functioned at the department. Young scientists perform research thesis under Professor L.P.Zhuravlova.

Working on the problem of regulating the value of creatively gifted personality during 2001-2013 teachers of the department performed two research topics funded from the state budget "Creativity as a Means of Personal Growth and Harmonization of Interpersonal Relationships" (2001-2005) and "Personal Growth of Values Support the Transition to Credit-Module System" (2009-2011), the results of which were held during the two international conferences, round table, and through the published a collective manual (“Ability, Creativity, Talent: Theory, Method, Research Results / ed. V.A. Molyako, A.L. Muzyka). In the frame of President of Ukraine Research Grant V.A. Klumchyk in 2009-2012 performed the study "The Inner Motivation as a Factor in the Personal Development of Young People" within the grant of the President of Ukraine.

Since 2014 faculty work on state level research theme "Personal Growth in Terms of Transformation of Modern Society" (state registration number 0114U003867). At the same year, department has established a tradition of conducting the Internet Conference "Personal Growth: Theory and Practice", which resulted in a special issue published by professional journal "Science and Education".

Department staff are involved in the following scientific associations: Departments of Laboratories of Environmental Psychology and Psychology of Creativity of Institute of Psychology named after G.S. Kostyuk NAPS of Ukraine; Laboratory of Psychology of Small Groups and Intergroup Relations of Institute of Social and Political Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine; Laboratory of Information Management of Educational Projects; Focus Zhytomyr Department of Association of Political Psychology of Ukraine in the city of Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Regional Branch of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine, the Polish Scientific Community.

Active is a collaboration of teachers and students. Traditional are student’s winning of nationwide competitions and contests. Supervisors of young researchers were former winners of Olympiads and competitions of scientific works in psychology. Read more about the scientific work of students ...

Faculty traditionally is a jury of city and regional stages of the competition MAN.

In 2015 the department organized and conducted a regional competitions in psychology for high school students of city Zhytomyr and its region.

International Cooperation

The department actively cooperates with the international organizations. For teachers and students was organized a training seminar with Doctor of Psychology Frida-Marika, Arendsen Heyn, organized in cooperation with the international organization RAM (2004); also the seminar of Professor Anton Schmidt (Netherlands, Maastricht University) and lectures on cognitive-behavioral therapy by Dennis Owen Bowen (USA, 2014); the problems of inclusive education by the specialist of the integration program "Mason LIFE" Rob LeSueur (USA, 2015) were held. During 2008-12 in the framework of socio-psychological studies acted the international project "Combating Trafficking in Minors in Ukraine and Moldova."

In 2012-2015 the international project "Development of Inclusive Education: the creation of the network. Create a community"(in cooperation with non-governmental organization ISKOS (Italy) had been functioned. Scientific support from the Italian side carried by Giorgio Graziani (University of Bologna), and from Ukrainian side - by Alexandr Muzyka (till 2013) and Larisa Zhuravleva (from 2013). (ZIFSU). As part of the project teachers and students listened to a lecture by Dimitris Ardhiropoulosa (Professor, coordinator of service "Bassa Solya" in Italy).

Professor L.P. Zhuravleva has signed a cooperation agreement with Kazimierza Wielkiego Uniwersytet Institute of Psychology (Bydgoszcz, Poland in 2015). Signed a cooperation agreement with the NGO "Polish students' club", according to which the senior students have a professional internship in. Warsaw (Poland).

During 2011-2013 Niki Omanidze and Nathan Owsiany, the U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers, had been working at the Department and provided taughtin English classes on psychology for students.

Assistant Inna Stepaniuk cooperates with the voluntary international organization «SCI International Voluntary Projects in Great Britain» (United Kingdom) in 2012; the NGO community ARKA "Ark" (Lviv, Ukraine) since 2012 by volunteering on international and national level. She also has cooperation with the organization «SCI International Voluntary Projects in Switzerland» (Switzerland), since 2013; as a volunteer Inna Stepaniuk has been worked at the international center for immigrants and refugees SCICH 1.2 "Transit Center for Refugees" (Volkstvil, Zurich, Switzerland, 15-30.06.2012), and at the Center for Development and Rehabilitation for people with disabilities "Calver Trust Kielder"(Northumberland, England, 20.06-5.09.2013). Inna Stepaniuk is a recipient of a Fulbright Faculty Development Award. She was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Wisconsin, U.S. (September, 2014– May, 2015).

The department does not stop there, and outlines new prospects. Planned a complex system of career guidance and consequently new students and the professions. Continuing the cycle of conferences on personal growth. Particular emphasis will be on expanding the international cooperation and providing new scientific achievements of teachers and students.