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The Department of Economics and Marketing

The Department of Economics and Marketing was organized under the decision of the Academic Council of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University (order No. 266 of August 20, 2012), as a result of division of the Department of Economics and Management.

Nowadays the department is headed by Vikarchuk Olga Ivanivna, the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Marketing.

The staff members of the Department of Economics and Marketing are: one Candidate of Economic Sciences, a Professor, two Candidates of Economic Sciences, Associate Professors, one Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professors (with no academic degree), four Candidates of Economic Sciences, senior lecturers.

In order to improve the educational process within the department, the educational-methodical complexes in all subjects as well as new teaching methods are constantly being improved and developed.

The scientific research of the department is conducted within the following directions:

  • Optimal planning of industrial enterprises production in market conditions.
  • Development of assessment methods of investment and innovative projects socio-economic efficiency.
  • Study of the consumer market goods.
  • Assessment of enterprise marketing services structure effectiveness.

The results of the research are published in textbooks, manuals, monographs, collections of scientific papers, articles in scientific journals.

The department implements modern teaching techniques such as: giving of open and problematic lectures; reciprocal visiting of classes with their further discussion; teaching materials updating; the module-credit system of training; business games, case methods of giving marketing practical lessons.

The obligatory implementation of block-modular teaching method at the department greatly facilitates the students' exams grading. Extracurricular work with students in the form of individual lessons, working off of missed classes, writing essays on missed topics, etc. is widely used at the department.

Lecturers of the department take active part in International and Ukrainian scientific conferences.

The department runs two scientific research centers:

1. "The Globalization of World Economic Relations and Contemporary World Problems of Humanity", scientific supervisor - the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor A. V. Urazov.

2. "Strategy of Innovative Culture of The Enterprise Development ", scientific supervisor - the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor O. I. Vikarchuk).

Two problem groups are organized at the Department of Economics and Marketing.

1. "The Development of Social Sphere in Ukraine", scientific supervisor - the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor I. S. Mishchuk

2. "The Development of Marketing within the Enterprises of Processing Industry", scientific supervisor - the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer A. I. Klimova.

Under the supervision of the Department of Economics and Marketing students take active part in international conferences, competitions, contests and win rewards. Interuniversity students’ scientific and practical conference "Actual Problems of Management and Marketing in the XXI Century" is held annually in cooperation with the Department of Management and Administration.

International cooperation with French public institutions of the cities of Chartres and Age-an-Bhor has been enlisted.

The department maintains creative contacts with the state institution "Institute Of Environmental Economics And Sustainable Development NAS Of Ukraine" as well as different industrial enterprises and organizations.

The department trains marketing specialists who are able to assess the situation within the goods and industry market.

Training is carried out at the expense of the state budget funds or personal savings. Students are trained for the education and qualification level “Bachelor” – basic higher education (4 years of study in "Marketing with Knowledge of a Foreign Language").

Marketing specialists can work at:

  • industrial enterprises;
  • facilitating trading agencies;
  • exchanges;
  • scientific research establishments;
  • consulting firms;
  • investment and advertising companies;
  • banks, insurance companies;
  • state government bodies.

Any enterprise is a ship that sails on the waves of the market. The task of the market specialist is to set the right course for the ship. Market specialist study what goods must be put on the market, how to sell, at what price, how to advertise, how to create demand. Today you can make a difficult and important choice, which can determine your future. You choose a profession that will be in demand on the labour market for many years. However, it should also contribute to the development of your abilities and professional fulfillment.

The goal of a marketing specialist is to facilitate the victory of the enterprise within its competitive market. Remember that the knowledge and skills acquired at the university are the basis of future success.