Соціально-психологічний факультет

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Socio-psychological faculty

The socio-psychological faculty was founded on August 28, 2003. Among teachers and students the faculty is called "The 7th Heaven", because since its foundation it has been located on the 7th floor of the IV academic building. Over 10 years the faculty was chaired by Professor Oleksandr Muzyka preceded by Professor Nihora Khazratova in 2004-2006. Currently, the faculty is headed by Professor Larysa Zhuravliova.

The faculty gives students an opportunity to get higher education in the following areas:

  • “Psychology”
  • “Business Management”
  • “Practical Psychology”
  • “Social Pedagogics” “Marketing” (incl. English)

The socio-psychological faculty has the original attributes of academic unity and solidarity: anthem, logo and corporate button badges. The faculty carries out a number of traditional art and educational projects: “Free Microphone”, ceremonial students’ admission (aka "Classmates"), “Person of the Year”, ceremonial presentation of student cards, "New Year’s Stars" students and teachers art festival, “Student’s Sandwich Day”, Shevchenko’s workshop in trees grafting, "The First day of Spring" poetry readings, "Give joy to a Child" charity marathon. The faculty also runs "The Two Paintings Exhibition" art project, which has turned into "7 paintings on the 7th Heaven" in 2010. Every year on the 6th of December students and teachers take part in the male flashmob: the participants line up in the form of the Trident. The following training workshops contribute to the personal growth of the faculty students: "Media-support of Education Projects", "Art Workshop", "Public Events Management", "Objectively about Socio-Psychological Faculty", "Fundamentals of Hippotherapy", "Theater of Life", "Variety Dance", "KVN", "Psychology of Acting Skills" "Psychology of Dance", "Media Psychology".

We are making knowledge accessible!  

  • Why are we different:
  • high quality professional training
  • focus on foreign languages learning
  • computer-based training
  • personal development at optional workshops
  • an opportunity to create a powerful CV within years of studying